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We are almost half way to our goal, but we only have one week left! Help us reach our goal in the final stretch! 

Safe, decent affordable housing is a need in all parts of Tompkins County. You can help Better Housing meet this need. Please consider a gift of $50 or more toward our goal today!

Imagine you are a 72-year-old woman. You live in the home where you raised your family. There are many memories and you don’t want to move – but the steps seem steeper and the roof has started to leak. With a fixed income, medicines and heating bills, there’s not much left over – and a plumber or carpenter is expensive. You try not to notice that your home is filling with accidents waiting to happen as floors deteriorate posing trip hazards and electrical issues threaten the structure. This home might be the only real thing you have, even as it deteriorates.

Last year, through just one of Better Housing’s many programs, our home repair coordinator Louie assisted 104 households with repairs ranging from leaky faucets to building wheelchair ramps. Sometimes, the smallest repairs can bring independence, which is priceless for a senior like Ruby.

With your help, being poor in rural Tompkins County need not mean being isolated or living in unsafe conditions.

It may be easier to imagine that you rent in our area which has the highest rental costs in the whole region. You’d like to save for a nicer, quiet place for your children, but like most service workers in Tompkins County, well over 35% of your income goes toward rent and utilities, and after other expenses, saving for a down payment and closing costs seems impossible.

Amber and her family never thought they’d be able to afford their own home, but through the grant funds and professional counseling provided by Better Housing, their dream of homeownership came true.

What if you are one of the 8,000 people in the U.S. who turns 65 each day? If you want to stay in Tompkins County, how would you plan for a place to live, long term, that you could afford and that would meet your changing physical and social needs?

The 121 affordable rental units that Better Housing manages provide housing where low-income seniors are able to live with dignity in safe, clean, well-maintained apartments in a community setting like Fountain Manor.

Your gift to Better Housing will help ensure that we can continue to find solutions, so rural poor families and individuals have access to programs to make their housing safe and livable at every stage of life.

Thank You!

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